Royal Bengal: Homestyle Indian Cuisine, Fresh Ingredients

By Delia Hagan

To its loyal Cambridge and Somerville customers, Royal Bengal is known as a reliable takeout spot for homestyle Indian favorites. Tucked away on Medford Street in Somerville, where it’s been for the past three years, Royal Bengal has begun to expand and offer more seating to accommodate its diverse patrons, from local families to young professionals. It also offers a growing catering menu perfect for family parties and gatherings.IMG_3711 (1)

My friend Mei-Mei and I met there last week to catch up and try the cuisine, taking shelter there during a heavy rainstorm. After a refreshing Mango Lassi, we sampled the Chicken Tikka Masala (a dish of roasted chicken tikka in spicy sauce) and Aloo Gobi (a vegetarian dish made with potatoes, cauliflower and spices), two of the restaurant’s most popular dishes. The food was vibrant and comforting, served in generous helpings with a tasty blend of spices and cilantro. And what meal is complete without garlic naan? Theirs was delicious. As we ate our meal, we noticed the quiet, family-friendly atmosphere of the restaurant and its casual, peaceful feel. (The service was also very fast, which might be why many Somerville residents choose Royal Bengal for takeout as well).


I was able to talk with the restaurant’s owner Bosudeb Majumder, who told me more about Royal Bengal. He said his goal is to please his local customers and have them come back time after time. He emphasized the restaurant’s use of fresh ingredients to create homestyle Bengali recipes and Indian favorites, as well as their openness to taking requests for specialty items their customers love. The restaurant has gone through a number of changes over the past few years – including moving from Cambridge to Somerville three years ago, and expanding to create more space last summer. Bosudeb is the new owner of Royal Bengal, and noted that he took over the restaurant from his relatives who taught him all of the restaurant’s most treasured recipes so he could continue the restaurant’s legacy with excellence. He hopes to continue expanding the restaurant’s offerings, especially as a caterer for family parties and gatherings. In addition to the Aloo Gobi and Chicken Tikka Masala that we tried, he noted that the restaurant’s other vegetable dishes and it’s goat and chicken curries are other customer favorites.


Sample Royal Bengal’s dishes at YUM, coming up this Thursday, April 26th at the Arts at the Armory! Click here to buy tickets.

Royal Bengal is located 364 Medford Street in Somerville, MA. Click here to find out more about the restaurant or place an order online.

To see all the restaurants that will be featured at this year’s YUM event, click here.

YUM: A Taste Immigrant City is an evening of culinary tastes from immigrant-run Somerville restaurants and local world entertainment, which benefits the work of The Welcome Project, Somerville’s largest immigrant and advocacy organization. The Welcome Project serves over 200 families each year.



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