It would be hard to find a restaurant that demonstrates Somerville’s diversity better than Yoshi’s. The restaurant, a five minute walk from Davis Square,  used to be primarily Korean, but for six years has been under the management of a Chinese couple who specialize in sushi. I visited Yoshi’s with a friend on a weeknight, and had a chance to sit down with Qing, one of the current managers.

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Yoshi’s was warm and welcoming place, just like its owners. I heard a little of Qing’s experience as an immigrant to Somerville from southern China. After coming to the US over a decade ago, she quickly became rooted in Massachusetts when she first moved to Ipswich.  Qing and her family have found Somerville as a fun and welcoming place, and love try different cuisines around the city, her own favorite being Vietnamese food. She and her husband took over Yoshi’s from a Korean owner, and since then have revamped the menu to create a fusion of Asian cuisine that makes it a unique place that is invaluable to local residents.

Qing loves to welcome the international community brought in by students at Tufts University in particular. At the same time, they have also tailored the menu so that it is accessible to customers less familiar with Asian cuisine. True to this end, all kinds of people wandered in and out of the restaurant for take-out or a sit-down meal.

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My friend and I tasted only a few dishes from the extensive menu, but tried to get a sample of the different kind of cuisines offered. We started with fried tofu skin, friend tofu skin (thin, fried tofu stuffed with sweet rice), a tuna roll, as well as both scallion pancakes and the traditional dosul bibimbap – foods that I loved to eat growing up in a Korean home.

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Everything we sampled was fresh and delicious, but even with this much food, there were so many things left to try, especially with an incredibly extensive sushi menu. The lovely atmosphere, eclectic offerings, and warm hospitality make Yoshi’s a place that has something for everyone.

Yoshi’s makes itself accessible to customers by offering online ordering and a delivery service. It offers plenty of promotions for its customers, such as a free sushi roll for orders over $30.  Yoshi’s is located at 132 College Street, Somerville. Find a menu and more information at http://yoshis.net/.

Qing, her family, and Yoshi’s are an integral part of the community of Somerville, and the Welcome Project is honored to host them as one of ten immigrant-owned restaurants which will be featured at the event YUM: A Taste of Immigrant City, coming up on April 26.

To see all the restaurants that will be featured at this year’s YUM event, click here.

YUM: A Taste Immigrant City is an evening of culinary tastes from immigrant-run Somerville restaurants and local world entertainment, which benefits the work of The Welcome Project, Somerville’s largest immigrant and advocacy organization. The Welcome Project serves over 200 families each year. The event will be held April 6 at the Arts at the Armory. To purchase event sponsorships or tickets click here.

 All photo credits to Helen Fowowe.







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